What Services does MACS provide for schools?

MACS in coordination with school staff will perform the following services for Schools in a manner that seeks to meet all requirements of laws and regulations applicable to special education:

1. Provide evaluations in the areas of speech/language pathology. Participate, when deemed appropriate by the school, in the IEP process, including attendance at IEP meetings to interpret professional evaluations.

2. Coordinate when and where evaluations and on-going related services will take place with the Special Education Coordinator and /or school representatives.

3. Complete all aspects of the evaluation process within the timeline as required by federal law.

4. Provide on-going related services as indicated on students’ IEP. Speech and language therapy services may be provided in an individual, group or inclusive setting. Therapy will utilize evidence based techniques and procedures.

5. Provide teacher and staff consultation, co-planning and support services and participate as a member of the Response to Intervention (RTI) team.

6. Enter daily treatment notes, quarterly progress notes and end of year progress notes into Easy IEP Tracker System.

7. Provide speech/language screenings as requested.

8. Provide audiological screenings as requested.

9. Provide educational audiological consultations as requested

10. Provide specialized training or services i.e. Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC), second language learners, and bilingual speech/language evaluations (Spanish).