School Based Speech Language and Educational Audiology Services

MACS offers a variety of customized speech language services, depending on schools’ needs:

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  • Comprehensive speech language evaluations and services in accordance with IDEA 2004
  • Intervention for disorders of articulation, receptive and expressive language, voice in fluency
  • Intervention provided in individual, group or classroom settings
  • Curriculum based speech-language goals and services
  • Participation as member of educational teams
  • Collaboration with the educational support staff, classroom teachers, and parents
  • Provision of early intervening services for students in the pre-referral process
  • Work with interpreters to meet family needs

Our Educational Audiology Services Include:

  • Hearing screening provided for individual students¬† and entire classes or school, at your facility.
  • Basic audiological evaluations on site with follow-up medical and/or educational recommendations.
  • Participation as a member of educational team including attendance at IFSP or IEP meetings.
  • In-service training for school staff and parents on hearing and hearing loss, hearing aids and FM systems.
  • Monitor appropriate use of hearing aids and other listening devices in educational settings.
  • Recommendations regarding classroom acoustics.