About Us


MACS seeks to provide compassionate comprehensive communications services
to improve the quality of life for children.

Given that communication skills are integrally woven into social and academic success, MACS believes any communication weaknesses or difficulties should be identified and addressed as early as possible in order to afford each child the opportunity to develop to his or her potential.

About MACS

MACS speech-language pathologists and audiologists are certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and licensed in the District of Columbia and/or Maryland. MACS offers speech pathology and educational audiology services for the school aged population and early intervention. MACS also provides parent and teacher training.

MACS is a minority and women owned firm.

MACS Partners

Madlynn Anglin


Supervisor Speech-Language Pathologist

Madlynn Anglin has over 40 years of experience in the field. At the D.C. Department of Health, Commission on Public Health she provided pediatric diagnostic and therapeutic services to D.C. residents (birth through 21) in community health clinics. As part of the many services offered, Ms. Anglin directed the Language Development Program, a preschool communication therapy program for children diagnosed with, or at risk for, speech-language impairments. A key component of the program was parent training and participation in monthly parent group meetings. Upon retirement, Ms. Anglin worked as supervisory speech-language pathologist for D.C. Public Schools Head Start, where she initiated and helped develop and implement the DCPS Early Childhood Summer Screening Camp.

As a partner in MACS, Ms. Anglin is a Hanen certified speech-language pathologist, and conducts Hanen programs for parents. She provides technical and clinical guidance to the speech-language pathologists working with MACS. She oversees the assessment and evaluation process. She consults with parents, classroom teachers, and school staff to ensure appropriate delivery of services. She also supervises speech-language pathology clinical fellows and extern placement graduate students.

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Jeri Berman

Director of Speech Pathology Service

Jeri Berman has been a certified speech-language pathologist for over 40 years. She served as a school-age speech pathologist in Prince Georges County, MD, providing comprehensive speech-language services and evaluations. Ms. Berman developed an inclusive language/literacy program for kindergarten classrooms and provided inclusive instruction for written language in grades 1-6. As the Early Childhood Specialist, she administered a countywide early identification screening program and provided inservice training to other speech-language pathologists, teachers, and administrations. Following her retirement from Prince George’s County Schools, she served as School Services Manager at the American Speech-Language Hearing Association.

Since 2001, Ms. Berman has been a principal partner in MACS, supervising SLPS and providing inservice trainings. Ms. Berman is a Hanen Certified Speech Language Pathologist for numerous programs. Since 2009, she has been leading Hanen programs for Strong Start, the Washington, DC Early Intervention Program. Ms. Berman currently serves on the DC Interagency Coordination Council.

Annette Forseter

CEO and Educational Audiologistphoto (3)

Annette Forseter worked for thirty years as a certified clinical pediatric audiologist for the DC Department of Health where she also served as clinical coordinator for Speech and Hearing Services. In her role as clinical audiologist she interacted with audiologists throughout the greater Washington area and DC Public schools to help provide comprehensive services to children with hearing loss in the District of Columbia.

Since 2001 Ms. Forseter has been a principal partner in MACS and has served as an educational audiologist for numerous public charter schools throughout the District of Columbia. She is presently on contract with DC Department of Health as an Educational Audiologist. In this capacity she works closely with Strong Start, the DC Early Intervention Program. She helps coordinate services for newly identified infants and children (birth through their third birthday) with hearing loss by working with DC Department of Health, DC Hears Program and DC Early Intervention Program and the pediatric clinical audiologists in the Greater Washington area. She has served on the DC Hears Advisory Board since its inception and is a member of the DC Hears Intervention Committee.

Judyth-Weathers-Picture---DSC_5410Judyth Tinsley Weathers

Chief Financial Officer

Prior to co-founding MACS, Judy Weathers served as the Executive Director for 22 years at Washington Hearing and Speech Center, a non-profit organization in Washington, DC. During her tenure at Washington Hearing Speech Center, Ms. Weathers had oversight of 25 audiologists, speech language pathologists and hearing screeners, in addition to the agency’s overall fiscal management.

As CFO of MACS, Ms. Weathers oversees the internal accounting, school contract development and maintenance. She has comprehensive training in financial planning and has completed Georgetown University’s Executive Certificate in Financial Planning and is a candidate for CFP® certification.